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 Vince Wolfe – Owner

 There have been two things in my life that I was great at, making jokes and cooking. After a hilariously failed attempt at a stand-up career, I chose the latter. Starting in the dish room at age 14, I knew humor had to be a part of my restaurant career. Through theI washed my way out of dishes and into the dining room. After marching through the bussing, service and bar tending positions with many restaurants, I landed in the kitchen. Learning to prepare menu items from some of the biggest food chains gave me a wide range of knowledge. Eventually I took the pay-cut to become a manager. There I developed the business sense and patience it requires to operate a restaurant.

In 2007 I raised my right hand and became an Army Cook. Under the leadership of a le cordon bleu chef, I honed my culinary skills. After 6 years and preparing food on 3 continents, I decided to come back home to Reno NV. Armed with the skills I developed in training and the experience I have gathered through over 15 years, I opened V Dub’s Grub catering in 2012.

At the core of V Dub’s Grub is the love of food and humor that makes us great!

Thank you for choosing us to help make YOUR event a success!

Reno Catering | Reno Caterer

Reno Catering | Reno Caterer

V Dub’s Grub Caters Weddings, Corporate & Holiday Events.

V Dub’s Grub has catered simple cocktail events, buffet lines, and gourmet full service meals for private & public functions in Reno, NV.

Our experienced catering staff has worked in many different environments from out in the field to inside your kitchen and everything in-between.

V Dub’s Grub tailors its menu to your preferences and offers many dietary options.

Contact us to design a menu for YOU!

Reno Catering | Reno Caterer


Utilizing Military Culinary Techniques,

V Dubs Grub Knows Banquet Style Parties.

V Dub’s Grub has menu knowledge in International fare, but specializes in American grill.

Whether your event is a Backyard BBQ, Elegant Wedding or Cocktail Hour, we can take care of it.

Growing up in the Northern Nevada Region, we understand what makes this place special. At the heart of what we do is Ranch Style Cooking. Food prepared like the old Comstock way.

Experience Silver State BBQ today.

Meet with us today to design YOUR menu!